Defining the Product
Systems engineering has always been a core competency at CPC, and is leveraged by both our product development teams and services. Our team has developed processes for ensuring the requirements necessary for project planning and design trades are uncovered early in the product lifecycle. Our systems engineering team is trained in the latest methodologies, toolsets, and techniques, including those required for effectively collaborate with customers engineering. We will capture your product vision in as set of engineering artifacts that can be understood by a wide group of stakeholders.
• Concept Development
• System Requirements
• Architecture Modeling and Definition
• System Trades
• Performance Modeling
• Interface Design

• Integration Plans
• Integration Procedures
• Integration Environment Design
• System Simulation
• Integration Test Support

Summing the Parts
The integration of complex systems requires the careful planning and execution of a systems assembly and test process that will ensure problems are discovered, isolated, and resolved in a timely fashion. Our engineers will produce integration plans and procedures that provide deliberate steps to reduce any integration risks.
Engineering the Plan
Our technical experts will provide an integrated engineering plan that incorporates a variety of disciplines.
• System Engineering Plans
• Integrated Master Schedules
• Integrated Management Plans
• Risk Management