Control Point’s services and solutions are well-suited for energy applications, including power control. We have experience with developing green energy management systems and have capabilities to help design smart grids, especially within constrained environments.

• Military system power generation
• Power conditioning and conversion system design and analysis for transformers, converters, and inverters
• Generator design
• HV power generation, distribution, control, conversion
• HV design for safety
• Integration of super capacitor and advanced battery energy storage systems
• Electromagnetic interference & susceptibility avoidance/compliance
• System test

Our engineering teams are also experienced with specifying and developing motion control systems.

• Brushless DC and AC Inverter drives
• Stepper motor system design
• Position sensing feedback and control
• Optimal motor system specification
• Electronics packaging and system design

Our software solutions include controllers, diagnostics, and information systems that can be used for managing energy generation and distribution operations. These can be integrated to provide networked health management capabilities that support condition based (predictive) maintenance.