CPC’s engineering and management services can be leveraged across the lifecycle of your product to produce a more cost-effective offering.

  • Program planning – We will work with the Program Manager, Product Support Manager (PSM), and Product Support Integrator (PSI) to establish a plan and perform the necessary business case analyses.
  • Systems engineering – Our systems engineeringteam can develop processes, requirements, and architectures to meet your needs. We can also execute the integration of your product(s) and/or service(s).
  • Logistics and sustainment planning – We will develop a Lifecycle Management Plan (LCSP), predict future needs using analytics, and manage your product obsolescence.
  • Product support centers – We will help you establish and maintain help desks, online support, maintenance tools, and technical experts to support your customers.
  • Reverse engineering and technical documentation – We can provide models, documentation, and electronic media that can be used for production, maintenance, sustainment, and customer support.
  • Configuration management – We will identify and configure the best Product Data Management (PDM) solutions for your program.
  • Management tools – We can provide complete systems for asset management and custom SharePoint solutions for managing the specific workflows of your program.