Improving the efficiency of operations often requires evolution of both tools and processes. CPC will help you identify the technologies and process improvements that will give you a competitive edge and help ensure your business runs smoothly. We can also help you leverage your present infrastructure by integrating it with these new technologies, so you can achieve increased workflow and productivity as cost effectively as possible.

CPC will work closely with you to understand your existing business processes and any issues you would like to resolve. If required, we will model and document your current and planned processes, showing their respective impact on your staffing resource utilization. Our engineers will produce task analysis and workload models to help ensure tasks are balanced with resources. We can also document the IT architectures of your business and describe how they should evolve.

Our overriding goal is to produce solutions that meet your specific needs and are highly maintainable. Most of our clients don’t want to be in the software business, preferring to leverage the investment and customer base of commercial products instead. Whenever possible, we will architect solutions that require minimal development and focus on integration and configuration. We will also identify mature, available solutions with a strong support infrastructure, so that, when required, we can develop custom software quickly and efficiently using SharePoint and other widely supported technologies. Our solutions will be well documented, providing you the opportunity to choose the best value among suppliers for future support.