CPC’s Product Data Management Portfolio (PDMP) provides a cost-effective solution for organizing and presenting product data in a way that will appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

PDMP supports technical data creation, configuration management, and publication. PDMP goes beyond the management of documents as it organizes data to ensure various views of the technical data are synchronized and designs are controlled.

PDM Also allows you to track the costs associated with creating and lunching products, so you can ensure that project expenditures remain within budget.

Key features of PDM include:

  • Easy integration with third-part, value-added tools (e.g., PTC Windchill®)
  • Creation of 3D design databases for enhanced model management
  • Use of wireframes to illustrate component design and placement
  • Single Sign-On for simplified access to system tools
  • Global access to data
  • Context-sensitive navigation