CIMS is a set of highly portable, configurable software services that enable any system or application to share logistics information. CIMS enables enterprise Integration by providing workflow and event management, data synchronization, persistence management, messaging and configuration assurance.

CIMS provides services, interfaces, and information schemas to integrate independent systems into a unified logistics enterprise that leverages legacy systems, overcomes network limitations, and automates analysis. It allows decision support to be provided across disjoint processes, tools, and data. Correlated information is linked prioritized, and distributed as one transacation according to customer defined business process workflows. Data transfers are prioritized according to business needs and decisions are enhanced by business intelligence at the point of use.

CIMS Benefits include:

  • Reduced integration costs
  • Optimized network and storage utilization
  • Minimized workflow interruptions
  • Increased asset visibility
  • Improved business intelligence